Order process

For business clients only
Salonline.com is aimed at business clients (B2B) and having a VAT number is mandatory. Ordering as a private person is therefore not possible. Are you a private person? Then go to our B2C webshop Salontotal.com

Registration process
You do not have an account yet? Then you can navigate through our product range, but you can't see stocks and prices. Ordering without an account is not possible.

As a business customer, you must first register. After registration, one of our account managers will check your details and contact you by telephone. After successful verification your account will be activated. On working days, this will always take place within a few hours.

Once your account has been activated, you can log in and current stocks and prices are visible. You can easily navigate through the menu or search bar to place an order on Salonline.com. 

Stocks and prices
For each item you will see the current stock status. You will see the stock that is available for immediate delivery and can be shipped today.
The number in brackets refers to our bulk stock and has a delivery time of +1 day. You will be reminded of this in the shopping basket and you can choose to split the order or have it delivered all at once.
All prices shown are exclusive of VAT.

Adding items to your shopping cart
Would you like to add an item to your shopping cart? Then fill in the desired quantity. You don't have to click on anything anymore. The desired amount will automatically be added to your shopping basket. To make adjustments in multi-variant popups and to adjust your shopping basket, use the shown button.

Do you want to order an item that is not in stock or do you want to order more than is immediately available? No problem at all! These items will be placed on your backorder list. This is not an order yet, but as soon as these items are back in stock you will receive an e-mail and can decide whether to order them or not.

Shopping basket and order confirmation
In your shopping basket you will find an overview of your selected products and you can make any final adjustments.
You will immediately see an overview of which products can be shipped today, which ones have a slightly longer delivery time and which ones will be placed on your backorder list.
Next, check your delivery address carefully and, if you wish, add a reference to your order.

Is everything correct? As soon as you click on the green button "Place Order", your order will be placed definitively and it will be forwarded to our warehouse immediately. Naturally you will be informed about your order by e-mail.

Is there something wrong or do you have a question? Please contact one of our account managers directly.

Order costs and free delivery
In most cases we deliver free of charge. If this is not the case, you pay a small order fee. You can make arrangements about this with your account manager.

In your account you will find all your orders and invoices and it is also possible to pay your outstanding invoices via your favourite payment method. In addition, in your account you can manage different delivery addresses and find your backorder list.


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